Let us help you maintain the youthful appearance of your hand. As we know they are the first to show our true age. The skin in our hands are extremely thin and not caring for them properly, damages them. We know just how to fix them.

"If the eyes are the windows to the soul the hands are the spirit's expressions"


Sweet Princess HandsTM


Focus - Neglected hands

(For Children 12 years & under)

Honey, Be ManicuredTM


Focus - Tired, Neglected Hand.

This delightful soak helps soften cuticle and encourage nail growth. It helps feed the nail bed. These sweet ingredients exfoliate rough skin and moisturize it, while fragrant essential oils relax and cheer you.

Hand Shake MaintenanceTM


Focus - Neglected hand, weak nails

This delightful soak helps soften cuticle and encourage nail growth. It helps feed nail bed. Soy and Aloe offer therapy for your hands. It feeds your fingers moisture, protein and collagen for healthy nail beds and good nail growth.

Warm Cream Spa ManicureTM


Focus - Dry dehydrated or achy hands

This wonderful treatment will help rejuvenate your clients's hands leaving them feeling nourished and moisturized.

Grapefruit ManicureTM


Focus - Tired and stressed/over-worked hands

This refreshing manicure re-energizes the skin in your hands with a soak in fresh grapefruit for a young and renewed spiritual uplift. It's a great source of vitamin C for your skin and the citric acid helps slough off dead skin cells to tighten and renew your natural skin tone.

Thousand Thanks ManicureTM


Focus - Neglected hands

A Seasonal Manicure that is pleasing to the sense and helps your guest hand feel years younger. Take time to say thanks with this seasonal treat. This citrus soak is complemented by a spicy hand masque and moisturizing treatment. Use the Thousand Thanks Manicure to give someone a hand.

Milk and Honey ManicureTM


Focus - Neglected hands

This delightful, energizing rub exfoliates while it helps nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. Imagine yourself in the promise land. This hand masque drenches you in the nature goodness of rich buttermilk and wild honey. Helps nourish/hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscles.

Wedding DayTM


Focus - Neglected hands

This delightful treatment will nourish the hand and arm, leaving them feeling smooth and revitalized. If a girl's wedding day is the most special of her life, these manicure treatments are the icing on her cake ! Rich goat's milk with smoothing rose petal and oil, revitalizing clove powder and moisturizing coconut oil. This ultimate treatment for hands will have you vowing to treat yourself more often. Perfect for wedding parties.

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment ManicureTM


Focus - Neglected hands healing aged skin

The Anti-Aging manicure can be viewed as a weapon against aging. It will help hydrate the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant. It will also help soothe skin that has been irritated by sunburns, peels or skin conditions such as Rosacea. This treatment protected your hand against aging and sun damage. Rich goat's milk, natural honey and smoothing oatmeal offer organic benefits to show a youthful glow.


Shellac, OPI Axxium, Gelish, Orly etc., Damage free nail hardening treatments to encourage natural nail growth, last up to 2-3 weeks. Guaranteed for 10 days with recipent.

Gel Lacquer Color Manicure30
French/American Gel Manicure40


System of theory that our entire body including organs, glands and body parts has reflex points located on our feet. Through applied pressure, one can release the blockages around the corresponding body parts and rebalance the entire body



(15 minutes minimum)

With Pedicure

10 Minutes 10
15 Minutes 15
30 Minutes 30

Without Pedicure

10 Minutes 15
15 Minutes 20
30 Minutes 35